Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Prompt 4, Music is Dead, Journalism's Dead...EVERYTHING I LOVE IS DEAD.

OK that was mildly dramatic.
Anyway, do I really believe the music and journalism industry are dead? Not entirely. They are merely morphing into something different.

The music industry is online, and while you will never stop illegal downloading, just like you can't stop people from watching illegal torrents of movies and TV shows, it carries on. Bands will make money, just as movies still do. People who really enjoy bands do still go out and buy albums, and most importantly take the opportunity to see the band in concert. At least I still do.

Journalism is online, and while I doubt I'll get a job in a print newspaper office, I have faith that I will find a job somewhere. There will always be media jobs available, you just have to be creative in looking into other options. Hell I could be the person who writes the scroll that runs on the bottom of CNN. Who knows? Then again I could just be saying this to help me sleep at night.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chronicle Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this weeks Chronicle for some fun in the campus section. Try and guess the faculty member based on their childhood photos! You might see one you recognize!

Chronicle Campus Section

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can we please stop the Glee Revolution?

I'm sick and tired of seeing and hearing about this sad sack of a show.

Now before all you Glee-obsessed fans try and bombard me with comments about how it's well-written, acted and put together, you can just stop there. I've tried to watch it. Twice now I've gone back and tried to figure out what I was missing, but I have to conclude that America just has shitty taste in television.

The singing and acting is mediocre at best. If you like the songs they perform so much, go download the ORIGINAL version.

The storylines are recycled from other television scripts and break no ground whatsoever.

Also, maybe this is just weird, but I get a mega-creeper vibe from Mr. Shue or whatever his name is.

I also find their representation of teenagers in high school, teachers and adults over-wrought with stereotypes.

I also want to point out....would you still watch it without the musical numbers?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kids and the Internet: My life as a teen and the internet

It's a scary world out there for a kid. What's even scarier is nowadays is parents have to worry about what their kids are doing online, chatting with predators, giving out mommy's credit card number to people in Siberia etc.

I have to say as a child my parents didn't worry about what I was doing online. Back in our days, the most we did online was go onto AOL messaging and chat/gossip with our friends.

My parents also did the unspeakable thing and kept the computer in our living room. The computer was always in plain sight. Problem solved. Thanks mom and dad for not giving me privacy. But it certainly prevented me from participating in any questionable online behavior. (Not that I really wanted to, but some privacy while chatting about cute boys with my friends would have been nice.)

The day I got my own personal laptop for college in the summer after graduating high school was the greatest day of my life. And now what do I primarily use my laptop for? No, not talking about cute boys with my friends, but watching TV shows online and occasionally a bit of homework.

I guess I grew up.

Monday, January 31, 2011


North Central, the Chronicle needs your help! As the Forum editor, I've been witnessing student apathy for our school newspaper and it makes me INCREDIBLY sad. We went from last year having at least 13 regular writers to just having 2 or 3 on a weekly basis. Where's the passion NCC? Is this evidence that journalism is struggling?

Despite the fact that newspapers are struggling everywhere, at NCC I feel it's incredibly important having our voice heard on campus and the Chronicle is the perfect opportunity to do it. We shouldn't let it go to waste. We are the voice of this campus and we shouldn't forget that. We pay a crazy amount of money to go here and we should have a say in what goes on on our campus. The Chronicle is our tool for commentary on our college.

If you are interested in writing for the Chronicle we meet every Monday in Upper LAC.
Experience isn't needed! We like working with new writers.

Praying for a Snow Day

Can we have it just this once NCC? I know everyones babbling about how this might be the time when they finally call school off, but I won't hold my breath. I have so much to do this week, and a day off would be lovely. I think we should all be able to call in one mental health day a term, just to relax. Yes we do have the weekends for this, but we work hard. At least some of us do.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Razzies are announced!

Who hates Twilight? *raises hand* Who's really happy that the film industry hates it just as much as I do? THIS KID! Every category in the infamous Razzie awards contains at least one nomination for Twilight: Eclipse. So glad that others recognize the god-awful franchise for what it is....utter trash. Here's a link to the other nominations if you're curious!

Razzie Awards Announced!

Who do you think should be nominated???